Torn, ripped seats are not a problem! We repair and reupholster car seats to their original look, using the original cloth, leather, or vinyl. For every car seat repair we recondition the foam body, which guarantees your comfort and stability every time you drive your vehicle. We offer a large variety of colors and textures too choose from if you are interested in repairing or upgrading your current interior.

Our auto upholstery repair experts offer consultations to find the perfect interior for any lifestyle. For the soccer mom who needs the right interior for those backseat spills or a businessman wanting to make a great impression, we have the interior to fit everyone’s needs. If protection is what you’re looking for, waterproof and washable seat covers are available for special orders. All of our seat covers are fitted to each car seat to create the perfect fit. Upgrading or repairing your car’s interior not only adds value to your vehicle but also makes the driver feel fantastic! When creating your car’s interior we keep the customer in mind to create the best driving experience.


We offer a complete line of convertible tops for every car ever made, in original and custom colors including vinyl and canvas. All of our tops are professionally installed by our trained technicians who are also able to perform repairs of the mechanism and hydraulic system in most cars.

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We at Rivero offer a complete line of tailor made automotive headliner materials, from original to custom materials like suede, vinyl and leather to match your upholstery specifications. We specialize in upholstery for your sunroofs. Every inch of your car’s interior matters to us.

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If you want to get rid of stains and rips on your auto carpet and bring back that "new car" smell, we have a large line of automobile replacement carpets, floor mats and trunk mats and of course, insulation. All of our carpeting replacements include cleaning of floor metal and lubrication of all electrical terminals.

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