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Car Carpet

Rivero Auto Interior provides complete carpet replacement for a 'new car' smell. Call us!

We are expert auto interior restorers providing high-quality workmanship.

Car Interior Carpet

Get rid of your worn out car carpet or give us a call for your automotive flooring needs! At Rivero Auto Interior, we offer a number of solutions for your car carpet replacement.

We can provide both molded carpet and cut and sewn carpet to fit vehicles of any make and year. Our wide range of quality materials ensures your vehicles are equipped with high quality flooring in colours that match

Providing a wide choice of products for your vehicle flooring needs.

Car Carpet  Miami
Car Carpet  Miami-Dade

Floor and Trunk Mats

Rivero Auto Interior has a comprehensive selection of floor liners and all-weather floor mats to protect your vehicle's interior from dirt or any kind of spill.

Our mats are designed to precisely fit specific vehicles and provide complete floor coverage. They also have raised edges around their perimeters to trap and contain liquids, protecting the carpet from spills and staining.

A trunk and floor mats that fit your vehicle.

Automobile-Related Issues We Handle:

  • Leather repair services
  • Fabric car seat repairs
  • Vinyl seat restoration
  • Dashboard repairs
  • Steering wheel repairs
  • Smoke and odor elimination

We have a wide range of car carpets.

13108 SW 128th street

Miami, FL 33186